Gramineae Beta

Gramineae Beta is the second planet of the Gramineae system, a binary star system located in the constellation Orion from the viewpoint of Earth.


The Gramineae is best known for it's two local dominant life forms: the "Pixies" and the Poaceaeians. Pixies are a relatively intelligent, bipedal life form. The Poaceaeians are a Grass-like life form, which has learned how to control the Pixies through electromagnetic emissions. Pixies are unable to live for long without guidance from the Poaceaeians; their intelligence level is around the level of a really smart, unenhanced dog from Earth. The Poaceaeians and the Pixies live in a symbiotic relationship; the Poaceaeians provide food for the Pixies, while the Pixies provide maintenance and upkeep for the environment.


Graminae Beta is somewhat cool; compare with Earth-Northern Great Plains.

Federation Status

Graminae Beta is not a Federation member, however, they are building toward membership.

Graminae Beta has one officer in Starfleet: Penny Beta, stationed aboard the USS Lexington.

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