Lexicon Manifesto

The Lexicon is an independent project started by a couple of Star Trek Role Players who decided that they needed a centralized index of information, a handbook of sorts, like the handbooks and encyclopedias printed for D20 games, etc. Not everything that happens in Role Playing Universes have a counterpart in the Canon Star Trek as developed by Gene Roddenberry and Rick Berman simply by the demands of an expanding universe. There are tons of species, technologies, strange new worlds, civilizations, etc, all never imagined by the writers of the series, all developed by the roleplaying fans of Star Trek. Our goal here is to document these extensions of the universe in a way that makes it easy for simmers to figure out what's going on.

When using content from The Lexicon, or referring to the site, The Lexicon should be attributed as "The Lexicon" or "thelexicon.wikidot.com".

So, what's the scope of this project? This project is limited to handbook like entries for Star Trek Roleplaying. Star Trek Fanfiction Universes, Star Trek Mathematics Projects, Star Trek Apologists… these are not within scope, unless the articles are useful for Roleplaying purposes. Discussions on the number of milicoceranes utilized to jump to warp 2.4 is useful; comparison of coceranes to Star Wars Hyperspace units are not.

This wiki is open to submissions from anyone, from any Star Trek Roleplaying Group, but is patrolled by various Editors to make sure the content stays within scope. If an article is deleted by an Editor, don't take it the wrong way. A comment on why you think the article is in scope would not be out of line, however, we take our simming seriously and expect other editors to do so as well.

For a list of directors and editors, and contact information, please see this page: Who's in charge around here?

Not all articles are considered canon for all sim groups who post here! Each article has a box on the right hand side named "Canon for:". Place a link for your sim group's ship page in this box if your sim group consideres this article to be canon. As articles can change on short notice, when in doubt refer to your own sim group. Remember that anyone can edit these articles! Somebody may add a piece of information not considered canon. We expect editors to patrol their own pages; if somebody comes in and edits your page with an edit you don't agree with, edit your article. The proper way to do this would be to move the contested piece to a separate section of the page.

All content of the Lexicon is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

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